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Since 1995 Tentakulum is that place to go for those who just love needles and threads. Those that use textile materials for old and new techniques. Excellent service and competent advice are a must for our team.

Textile Design is our passion, customers all over the world feel and appreciate this. We introduce novelties only after we have learned a lot about them and are able to give you good advice. We also watch if these are suitable to get permanent attention in the world of textile crafts so that we will be able to supply it for a long time.

Hankie (embellished) RibbonFlossShimmer, Soie 100/3(Maschine)


Ribbon Floss Cotton und Shimmer auf Kanevas, Silk Carrier Rods auf Kanevas (embellished)

In 1998 Manufaktur started to produce it's own collection of handpainted textile materials with a very special flair: Silk, Cotton, wool, rayon, metallics - we love variety and strong colours. We are known for highest quality and an almost never ending selection. If you rather like traditional techniques or want to work your own creative ideas - here you will find the material and competent advice.

You can comfortly order in our online-shop. If you would like to learn more about the production and how to treat our products, please visit Painters Threads Collection. On this site you will find actual colour charts for most of our materials.

Embroidery is even more than that: it is passion, showing our feelings, relaxing, adventure and satisfaction for our senses. Does that inspire you to re-discover techniques that have been so much cherished by our grandmothers? Your are welcome in the Sticktreffs held by the German Embroiderer's Guild or climb to the top of textile arts at the International School for Textile Arts.

We show you everything you always wanted to know about embroidery. Our teachers our amongst the best of the world! You wil find inspiration and help for many textile techniques in our well stocked library in Frankfurt.


Farbe Mexiko

Distance Learning Classes by ISTA will teach you all about embroidery, needlepoint, counted thread techniques and much more. First Steps, Degree Classes or a unique "apprenticeship" to learn all about the most important techniques of needlework from the very beginning. This class is suited as a preparation for the practical part of examination to be a "Designing Craft's WoMan - Subject: embroidery" set up by the German Crafts Council. Beginners and advanced stitchers are both welcome. Classes are available in German and English.

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